I killed my shadow


i killed my shadow

I killed my shadow
On a silent afternoon infused with a copper hue
I refused to surrender

With arms stretched under the scorching sun
I let in waves of heat inside my being
Until they reached down my soul

My shadow was no more…

Then night came playing its Cimmerian tune
Darkness stretching its arms everywhere
Like lovers reigning in their blissful content

But I saw the path every night
As I walked through the valley of shadow and death
That black I killed led me

Now the Dark of me brimmed with light
My shadow shimmered like gold
And showed me the way

I refused to surrender….


Let me Bleed

Let me Bleed

Let me bleed
Lie to me
Twist the words, make them timeless
When the sun goes down and stars shimmer…
that soft silver glint in the eye
Pray that the clouds unleash
Sky paints a black coat to its soul
Move the shade away
Let the storm petrify
Warmth still lurks on the hammer’s head
Step away
Don’t tend to my wounds
Because sometimes
You bleed just to know you’re alive



Hey there, look the sun is out and the day is clear
You are all cozy with your coffee cup in hand
So why do you want to join me on my walk?
The road is long and the path has dust
It may Rain and the weather is a mystery
But its ok, you can come
I see you are not wearing any shoes
Here have mine I am used to walk bare feet
Be careful they look fine
But on soles they have a hole or two
So be cautious as you walk
The path is not smooth has its thorns and stones
Oh! Look your feet are bleeding now
The shoes didn’t save you from the stones in the way
I am sorry the shoes were not any help at all
Through summers, winter’s, storms they served me well
So now they are just worn out a little
But I am content with them
Here let me carry you on my back
Allow me to put back my shoes first
Yes they will not save my soles from bleeding too
But at least they will cover my feet.



I wondered how beautiful the sunset would look like on the other side
The valley where all human beings are so intrigued to go called love
But someone told me that you don’t need to wonder
Sun never sets where you want to go as it never rises there
There the sun always stays on top glowing and gleaming
Radiating its rays on those who choose to stand under it
But that person also advised me to be ready for all the seasons
To be aware of the spring when all the colors seem so bright
The heart is filled with the highest degrees of contentment
And then there is the summer when the heat mounts up
Times stops and the whole world revolves around those moments of ecstasy
But also beware of the autumn of heart
When the insides feel so hollow that you seem to suffocate
Be extra careful of the winters as they come like an un-invited guest
The soul craves for a little warmth the heart seeks the sun
So before you decide to jump over the other side consider all of this
Or just forget all this and wait for the most beautiful surprises you will ever get
Trust me you’ll have the ride of your life



It is said that smile is worth a thousand words
The perfect arsenal in your expression reserve
Winning lost battles conquering stoned hearts
World is at your feet when you use this curve

Like a puzzling mystery every smile tells a tale
Some radiate your face so everyone can know
Pure happiness and glee do dance on your lips
You beam like the sun face shines with a glow

Manifesting like an excellent magicians illusion
Some smiles so perfectly disguise what’s inside
It dwells on the face performs a brilliant display
All sadness and sorrow get a good place to hide

And then there is a smile that’s not that bright
Because it commences at another person’s fall
Little smirk on defeat a grin on someone’s fate
If you find yourself in this never make that call

So a smile is the thing the one you should keep
Whenever there’s the moment just give it a try
Nothing more pure than a baby smiling in sleep
It’s contagious always use it near those who cry

It’s not something to do once in a while always

Smile 🙂