I wondered how beautiful the sunset would look like on the other side
The valley where all human beings are so intrigued to go called love
But someone told me that you don’t need to wonder
Sun never sets where you want to go as it never rises there
There the sun always stays on top glowing and gleaming
Radiating its rays on those who choose to stand under it
But that person also advised me to be ready for all the seasons
To be aware of the spring when all the colors seem so bright
The heart is filled with the highest degrees of contentment
And then there is the summer when the heat mounts up
Times stops and the whole world revolves around those moments of ecstasy
But also beware of the autumn of heart
When the insides feel so hollow that you seem to suffocate
Be extra careful of the winters as they come like an un-invited guest
The soul craves for a little warmth the heart seeks the sun
So before you decide to jump over the other side consider all of this
Or just forget all this and wait for the most beautiful surprises you will ever get
Trust me you’ll have the ride of your life