Fret not my friend…

Fret not my friend

Fret not my friend…

If you loved unconditionally
Got acknowledged with greed
Your part you played well

For love is a two edged sword
Delight on one pain on other
Depends which side scars you

Fret not my friend…

If you toil all your days
Still find that your labor’s lost
Diligence always gets reward

For a man’s days are like dust
He sows reaps intent’s prisoner
Like father and his father before

Fret not my friend…

If your days feel no sunshine
Dark of night engulfs your moon
Emotions end heart’s alliance

As each soul longs for solace
Enslaved by pursuit of purpose
Truth never ends in vain

Fret not my friend…

If you don’t get answers
Of all the questions you seek
Each day every night

For it doesn’t matter what
Answers you achieve unless
You ask the right questions

Fret not my friend…..

If you turned the other cheek
Got mocked by this world
As a man is known by his virtue

Just starve that ego inside
And feed that soul of yours
You will find the meaning of life