Let me Bleed

Let me Bleed

Let me bleed
Lie to me
Twist the words, make them timeless
When the sun goes down and stars shimmer…
that soft silver glint in the eye
Pray that the clouds unleash
Sky paints a black coat to its soul
Move the shade away
Let the storm petrify
Warmth still lurks on the hammer’s head
Step away
Don’t tend to my wounds
Because sometimes
You bleed just to know you’re alive



StrengthIf you Google the word courage it says …

The ability to do something that frightens one; bravery.

Strength in the face of pain or grief.

What is adversity? one can describe it as the time when you feel totally incapable to control the situation or when you are in a scenario where you are just a mere spectator and the odds are going against you, what do you do when you find yourself in such situations? Some people panic and give up as they claim to see the writing on the wall, some refuse to give up and don’t stop trying until the end, and now the question arises, what is the end? Sometimes you get what you want and sometimes you don’t get what you want, you accept the realities, start over and move on. But then again there is a saying that if it’s not good, it’s not the end. (more…)


stars - gaze

I gazed at the moonless night brightly lit by a thousand stars
Listening the silent hum of my heart worn out by inner wars

Lost in thousand thoughts spell was broken by a gust of air
Was surprised when realized my head bowed down in prayer

Thoughts were not accompanying my lips it all seemed a lie
Perplexed distraught opened my eyes to gaze back at the sky

I try God, I try taming my heart but doubt finds ways to creep
Telling it daily that He gives to His beloved even in their sleep 1

Following that path of righteousness when things go wrong
This world keeps mocking that for its tricks I am not strong

And then I saw a shooting star next moment it was no more
Realized strife’s are temporary our boats always get to shore

Remembering the times You got me out when things got rough
Forgive me God for my blessings I can never thank You enough



1. Psalm 127:2



His eyes were perfectly fine you see
The thing was that he watched the world in his own way
Though just five in his eyes the colors
Twilighted in an astounding manner
Azure, yellow, crimson, slate, everywhere, everything
Radiated with such bright magnificence that he wanted to
Go everywhere, touch everything
The brilliance of applegreens enthralled his senses
The splendor of amber made him sing
Turquoise created aura of deep serenity
Orange, lavender made bells ring
Scintillating his hopes alluring his world
Colors filled his days with an impeccable charm
But then as he grew older the colors started to fade
Until they were only a shade of two
All things seemed to appear in Black or White
And he was instructed to see everything in those two colors
Gray was an option if he couldn’t decide
His heart was perplexed his days were numb
And if he tried to fill them back with those
Those reminiscent of his early days
He was laughed and frowned upon
Deemed unable to match the ways of this world
And as he looked around he saw that he was not alone
Everyone around him was in this pursuit of the colors they lost
Like a long lost treasure their days started
With a hunger to fill them once again in their eyes
In wealth in fortune in lust in fame
In those things they searched them they played life’s game
So one day he closed his eyes and prayed
And felt a tear drop fall on his hand
Asked God to take back his sight
For he couldn’t stand the way of this land
He was told to look closely
To watch the goodness in everything on God’s green earth
Use the glasses of faith and the lenses of love
He was told to remember those colors never left his eyes
He just forgot how to see them in race for new skies

Yes you are praying but are you listening

Are you listening to GodWe pray and we pray, we make it our habit and take pride that it has become a part of our daily routine. But we also cry and complain that even though we trust in God and pray persuasively our lives are not on the course that we want. The thing we fail to realize that even though we are praying to God, are we listening to God?

In Bible we read that God spoke directly to people like Moses and Abraham so it was very easy for them to know Gods will and talk to Him. Most of us are not at that place as God chooses certain people for certain things so we don’t have those kind of encounters. (more…)



So another 28th April

Another birthday

Another cake

Hugs from family

Wishes from friends

New resolutions

Peek back at years

Another look at the stars

Another wish

Another promise to self

Another effort to fill the soul

Another sigh

Another hope

Another prayer

And when it will be over

It will be just

Another day


28TH April, 2014  – 2:13am


Trust in God, and you forgot again!

Trust in GodAt time it happens that during the course of the day we un-intentionally dive down deep in our thoughts and begin thinking of things that make us sad, and for a moment or two we hit a high depression level. But soon after we realize what we promised to God and what faith we have in Him so we gather ourselves and come back to the state of normality. We feel sorry for losing our trust and faith there for a moment and promise ourselves that this will not happen again.  So the question is, why does it happen at the first place? We after putting all our troubles and burdens at the start of our day on God why still we go down deep in the abyss of worrying thoughts and troubling past or concerns of future? Why do we forget about our complete faith and trust in God? (more…)