Pakistani Food – One of the most lavish

FOOD COLLEGEI am not a foodie but i do love a good cuisine, especially if its local. Whatever fast food i eat outside the only thing that satisfies my food cravings fully in a day is when i come home and eat the traditional Desi food. I shared this album some years ago on my Facebook and now thought that i share it with my blogging friends too. This is gonna be one Delicious post. (more…)


Who rules the world

cricket worldcup 2015So the Cricket worldcup 2015 is upon us, the pinnacle of our obsessive cricketing fascinations, the once in a lifetime (if you are Australian you can add it twice or thrice… or if you are that old fourice) sporting accomplishment where if your team wins your heart goes merry go round for four years.

Which brings us to my team Pakistan, The Green shirts, the cornered tigers, the most un-predictable side in any tournament. One which on its day can pulverize the strongest sides like Walter White on Red Bull and when its having a bad day can make Bangladesh team look like Tiger Woods of cricket. Winners of 1992, the magic of Imran and that team which nourished an entire generation of cricketing enthusiasts across the nation. The current team led by Misbah-ul-Haq that has been sent to Australia carries the hopes and dreams of 180 million people on their shoulders, they are considered to be the best combination available and are chosen from the best of the best. (more…)

Birds of Pakistan

Birds of Pakistan

I love Birds, I shared this album about Birds of Pakistan with my Facebook friends way back in 2012, so now i thought why not share it with all my fellow blog mates. (more…)

The Joys of Street Cricket

street cricketFor cricket The 90’s is described as the decade in which the reign of West Indies as the cricket power house ended. Among the teams that emerged as strong performers Australia and Pakistan come at top of the list. But if we look closely at the overall performance and swagger the decade can truly be called as the decade of Pakistan. This was the decade that brought Pakistan its first world cup win, established Pakistan as a Fast bowling powerhouse and saw some of the most remarkable innings played by its batsmen. As a kid growing up in the 90’s nothing gave me more pleasure then seeing Wasim Akram’s unplayable deliveries making the batsmen dance Waqar Younis’s in swinging Yorkers rattling the stumps or Shoaib Akhtar terrorizing the batsmen with his devilish speed. And all those great fast ballers credited street cricket in developing them at the early age especially in the creation of the art of reverse swing. (more…)

Understanding Trinity

Understanding TrinityThere are many questions which people from other religious beliefs ask us when they want to know about Christianity. As a Pakistani Christian in his twenties I can understand that at some point almost all of our Christian youth faces these questions. Pakistan a country where 98% of the population is Muslim and the remaining 2% is divided in to Hindus, Christians, Sikhs and other religions it’s common that a youngster has to face at some point some probing questions where he or she has to answer very carefully.

The most important frequent question that is being asked to the Christians not only in Pakistan but around the world is that do you worship Three Gods and what is Trinity ?. I remember in College when I was in 11th grade (more…)