Pakistan Attack

Flowers in Graves

Flowers in GravesI sat yesterday to write about this, but couldn’t, I just couldn’t find words. I am still unable to express what I am feeling; it’s a mix of anger, frustration, sorrow, guilt, helplessness, shame. Since yesterday, every Pakistani is going through these emotions. I feel my whole being should just cease to exist. These atrocities have been going on in this land for years and our ears, eyes and brains just got accustomed to hearing this and then to forget after some months, why? What are we? Why our children had to be the ones who had to go through all this, to shake our conscious?

It is said that to feel someone’s pain you have to put yourself into their shoes. One cannot feel close to what the loved ones of those children are going through, what those children went through, those who survived are going through. It feels like someone ripped apart a piece of my own heart; a part of my soul has been taken. (more…)