I killed my shadow


i killed my shadow

I killed my shadow
On a silent afternoon infused with a copper hue
I refused to surrender

With arms stretched under the scorching sun
I let in waves of heat inside my being
Until they reached down my soul

My shadow was no more…

Then night came playing its Cimmerian tune
Darkness stretching its arms everywhere
Like lovers reigning in their blissful content

But I saw the path every night
As I walked through the valley of shadow and death
That black I killed led me

Now the Dark of me brimmed with light
My shadow shimmered like gold
And showed me the way

I refused to surrender….




Be like water
Make your heart this way
It’s calm and takes any form
But what if someone creates ripples and the water is not calm anymore
And the ripples become waves, and the waves create a storm
And the storm destroys everything your heart once was
But what if there is no water just barren land
And you choose to be a desert
No ripples no waves no storms to fear
Hot days cold nights
A clear sky no fog no clouds on thoughts
Just the cold wind blowing inside
Yet still the desert yearns for water
No matter how long it chooses to stay that way
It waits for rain to come down pouring in
But why the desert demands it
That the clouds open up and fill its empty soul
It knows that the clouds will not stay
They will rain and then off they go
And the desert will be barren like before
For in the end we are just humans
Drunk on the fact that Love, only Love can save us
From the Depths of Hell



The ending should not be mistaken as an Anti-Love chant, i leave it to you what’s your take on the poem and how you decipher it. 

That thing called…


It’s almost ironic isn’t it
that we are still unable to understand love
It still lurks as that enigmatic anomaly
that baffles our minds everyday
Wouldn’t it be great if we could just
explain it, break it like a chemical process
For wandering souls with no clue whatsoever
searching, wishing, but no one there to guide
it’s the beacon that shows the path back home
the eternal light that illuminates our loss
But like a vampire devouring all its victims blood
its absences robs us all pleasure of our capacity for joy
And in its vampirish quest to make itself at home
it makes our nights darker and days gloomier
But when we finally find love we cling on to it
no matter how good, bad, sad or terrible
For it becomes the basic source of our strength
the stronghold of our mere existence
Like black holes with relentless appetites
it feeds on us and we feed on it
Love is our grace
Love is our downfall



Inspired by quotes of Abraham Setrakian in The Strain



Slowly I opened my eyes

But the night has

Gone by

Seems like a vivid


Had everything so

Clear in it

The colors seemed

So bright

Engulfed by its

Clarity I flew

Flew like a free


Free with a glee in

My heart

But now…

My night is over

The colors are gone

I sit alone

Welcoming the light

Of the day

Which hurts my eyes

And breaks my


                                                               25 Feb, 2013, 3:29 am