The King

The King

In a golden wheat field he worked all day long
The boy who smiled no matter summer or fall
Content with whatever life brought on the way
His world was euphoric until he heard the call

On horseback flocking from all over the town
Seeking the true holder of that majestic ring
The Men roared and grabbed hold of the boy
Bowed down and screamed you are our King

Astonished, shocked and slightly bewildered
He screamed aloud I am not the one you seek
I am just an ordinary boy who toils in the field
For this grandeur and chair I am just too weak

But he was taken against his pleading and cries
Like as if his anointment was written in stone
Wrapped in a Silver robe, the ring in his hand
The boy, the King, mighty owner of the throne

So with the days of past engraved in his mind
Moments when he so wanted his heart to sing
My kingdom will be just the best in the world
And the whole country cried long live the king

And then his reign started with valor and zest
For he had to establish his hold on the crown
Imposed taxes, waged wars, held an iron fist
Spared none conquered each city every town

Now no man was allowed to do as he pleased
And soon all realized what deed they had done
Lamented on the fact they had to follow rules
They wished a king their choice the chosen one

So now they decided that the moment is here
What seemed whispers soon became the shout
We don’t want the king down with the throne
The royal palace was invaded the king was out

Standing in wilderness the king saw the moon
The boy the loner who was made an utter fool
Vowed in his heart that one day he will return
For what else is there for a king to do but rule



I leave it to my readers how they perceive this story of the boy…… whats your take on it ?


That thing called…


It’s almost ironic isn’t it
that we are still unable to understand love
It still lurks as that enigmatic anomaly
that baffles our minds everyday
Wouldn’t it be great if we could just
explain it, break it like a chemical process
For wandering souls with no clue whatsoever
searching, wishing, but no one there to guide
it’s the beacon that shows the path back home
the eternal light that illuminates our loss
But like a vampire devouring all its victims blood
its absences robs us all pleasure of our capacity for joy
And in its vampirish quest to make itself at home
it makes our nights darker and days gloomier
But when we finally find love we cling on to it
no matter how good, bad, sad or terrible
For it becomes the basic source of our strength
the stronghold of our mere existence
Like black holes with relentless appetites
it feeds on us and we feed on it
Love is our grace
Love is our downfall



Inspired by quotes of Abraham Setrakian in The Strain


There is still some good in this world

There is still some good in this world
A hand that feeds the hungry
A shoulder to lean and cry
There is light at the end of the tunnel
And hope in every Goodbye
Flowers bloom after every winter
All nights see the sun
There is good in you and me
For what we are but one
Little things that bring the smiles
Or big ones like Hanukkah or Eid
All wait for Holi and Christmas
They bring true joy indeed
All misery tears and sadness
That hatred twisted and curled
Can never break our spirits because
There is still some good in this world



It is said that smile is worth a thousand words
The perfect arsenal in your expression reserve
Winning lost battles conquering stoned hearts
World is at your feet when you use this curve

Like a puzzling mystery every smile tells a tale
Some radiate your face so everyone can know
Pure happiness and glee do dance on your lips
You beam like the sun face shines with a glow

Manifesting like an excellent magicians illusion
Some smiles so perfectly disguise what’s inside
It dwells on the face performs a brilliant display
All sadness and sorrow get a good place to hide

And then there is a smile that’s not that bright
Because it commences at another person’s fall
Little smirk on defeat a grin on someone’s fate
If you find yourself in this never make that call

So a smile is the thing the one you should keep
Whenever there’s the moment just give it a try
Nothing more pure than a baby smiling in sleep
It’s contagious always use it near those who cry

It’s not something to do once in a while always

Smile 🙂

Plan – B

Plan - B

I have my thoughts
And my fantasies
I have my dreams
I know my realities
I start each day with a hope in my heart
To make it the best day right from the start
I wait for miracles
And I glee at surprises
For they make my dawns glow
And brighten my sunrises
And then there are moments
When nothing seems good
And I wish to go back in time
If I could
But in those moments I gather my thoughts
And I put them in a belief box
Then I shake that box with a prayer or two
And I wait and wait for something new
Suddenly the box opens
And I peek inside
Then the smile on my face just cannot hide
When I read with joy for what it says
No time machine for you
You are here to stay
For something Good
Is on its way


20th Nov, 2013




So another 28th April

Another birthday

Another cake

Hugs from family

Wishes from friends

New resolutions

Peek back at years

Another look at the stars

Another wish

Another promise to self

Another effort to fill the soul

Another sigh

Another hope

Another prayer

And when it will be over

It will be just

Another day


28TH April, 2014  – 2:13am




When ships of doubt anchor on the shore of your thoughts
The inside feels like rooms of an abandoned castle
The wheel of emotions is stuck and all moments feel same
You can’t seem to figure if you are happy or sad
Just look out your window and see the birds
Flying, singing, searching for that gain of the day
All lost in their world yet happy because they know
That at the end of the day when they fly back to the nest
They will not go empty handed whether its summer or storms
And every day they fly because they know
That whatever they seek they shall find 1
Fueled with this faith in there heart they fly each day
Now you filled with clouds of innumerable thoughts in mind
Burn those ships
Don’t let go the simpler things in life that you miss
Waiting for things unknown ignoring those little joys and smiles
Don’t wait them up just fly away and bloom
Because remember you are much more than those birds 2

                                                                                                                                                                                                                           20 February, 2014


1. Matthew 7:7

2. Matthew 6:26