PrisonersAll our lives we are in pursuit of something, as we grow older, and our feelings mature we see it all around us, depicted in movies, books, gossips. We observe real life examples and marvel at them. We promise ourselves that when we will grow older we will also have it and will bask blissfully in its soothing warmth. We draw sketches in our thoughts of how we will live with it and in our minds create a framework of how we will spend our life in it.

As we grow older we watch others having the time of their lives in it and we try to get it for ourselves, but soon we realize that it’s not an easy thing to get hold of, we hold back due to our fears but finally we muster up courage and in haste we misinterpret other things for it and then realize when the reality is handed to us that we were wrong, we begin saying that we are better off without it. (more…)



Her - 2013

On all the movies I have seen on relationships between Humans and computers Her is by far the most moving and inspiring. In these days when our social interactions have totally gone cybernetic, we try to seek closure in technology, Her touches the very basics of this addiction in a beautiful way.

Joaquin Phoenix plays the lead character who falls in love with his operating system, as the movie is set in the future that is one advanced operating system we are talking about. (more…)