Meet Balki


Ladies and gentlemen meet Balki Bartokomous (yup he’s got a full name) my newest best friend, Balki came into this world on 7.6.2015 and came to me when he was 21 days old. Balki’s breed is “Pointer” and he is the runt of the litter. I recently brought his brother to the house from his owner so Balki can play with him and get to know other Dogs. I am a Dog person, their loyalty and friendship is so pure. Balki is such a cute little bundle of love and I will suggest that if you are lonely and you want something to keep you busy get a puppy. (more…)


Cujo by Stephen King

Cujo - Stephen King

Author – Stephen King

Genre – Psychological Horror

“The Shining” is regarded as the most famous and best work of Stephen king. But for me from all the King books I would rate Cujo at the very top in terms of horror and suspense. The thing which sets it apart from others is that a person can relate to the horror and on the edge twists. Stephen King nails it by crafting a simple story in to a horror thriller where the tension just mounts and mounts. (more…)