A Good Man

A Good Man

A Good man is curious about all things around
That shape and impact his country his town
Always raising his voice for those in need
He helps putting smiles on faces that frown

A Good man will listen and will give ear
In doing so, he will make his point clear
A Good man will respect all other views
For truth, he will stand firm without fear

A Good man is like an open Book
He cares
He respects
He considers
He guides
A Good man holds no grudges inside
Faces the truth, he never hides

A Good man learns from mistakes he makes
From each defeat positive things, he takes
He gets back up every time he falls
A Good man builds bridges; he breaks walls

A Good man is never hard to find
He shuns injustice never turns his eye blind
A Good man is inside all of us, yes it’s true
Never let that Good man die in you


Falling Down – 1993

Falling Down - 1993Being a big fan of series like “Breaking Bad” and “Dexter” which bring in the prospect of common man standing up and saying enough is enough now its gonna be my way, the moment I saw the cover of Falling Down and these words “The Adventures of an Ordinary man at War with the Everyday World” I immediately made up my mind to watch it and yes I was not disappointed.

Falling down is a simple story of a man who just wants to go to his daughter’s birthday. The most important thing that I liked about this movie was the story, the plot and screenplay is so simple and fast. Michael Douglas plays the part of William Foster a man who is having a difficult hot day. (more…)