It is said that smile is worth a thousand words
The perfect arsenal in your expression reserve
Winning lost battles conquering stoned hearts
World is at your feet when you use this curve

Like a puzzling mystery every smile tells a tale
Some radiate your face so everyone can know
Pure happiness and glee do dance on your lips
You beam like the sun face shines with a glow

Manifesting like an excellent magicians illusion
Some smiles so perfectly disguise what’s inside
It dwells on the face performs a brilliant display
All sadness and sorrow get a good place to hide

And then there is a smile that’s not that bright
Because it commences at another person’s fall
Little smirk on defeat a grin on someone’s fate
If you find yourself in this never make that call

So a smile is the thing the one you should keep
Whenever there’s the moment just give it a try
Nothing more pure than a baby smiling in sleep
It’s contagious always use it near those who cry

It’s not something to do once in a while always

Smile 🙂




Hiding in trenches of ambiguous thoughts
Hopes crave fire to keep them alive
Searching in the hollow obscure space
They want to break free the walls inside
An empty vase I made my heart
With all the pieces I could collect
Not a piece of art or a perfect shape
That soothes the soul and pleases the eyes
There are cracks which I tried to mend
And still have to work on them everyday
But sometimes I so want to break the vase
To shatter it in a million pieces
Let hopes be free and inject the whole of me
Like venom of a poisonous snake
So they don’t live on and consume all of it
The spark that lights up the soul

                            20 Apr, 2014, 2.40am