The King

The King

In a golden wheat field he worked all day long
The boy who smiled no matter summer or fall
Content with whatever life brought on the way
His world was euphoric until he heard the call

On horseback flocking from all over the town
Seeking the true holder of that majestic ring
The Men roared and grabbed hold of the boy
Bowed down and screamed you are our King

Astonished, shocked and slightly bewildered
He screamed aloud I am not the one you seek
I am just an ordinary boy who toils in the field
For this grandeur and chair I am just too weak

But he was taken against his pleading and cries
Like as if his anointment was written in stone
Wrapped in a Silver robe, the ring in his hand
The boy, the King, mighty owner of the throne

So with the days of past engraved in his mind
Moments when he so wanted his heart to sing
My kingdom will be just the best in the world
And the whole country cried long live the king

And then his reign started with valor and zest
For he had to establish his hold on the crown
Imposed taxes, waged wars, held an iron fist
Spared none conquered each city every town

Now no man was allowed to do as he pleased
And soon all realized what deed they had done
Lamented on the fact they had to follow rules
They wished a king their choice the chosen one

So now they decided that the moment is here
What seemed whispers soon became the shout
We don’t want the king down with the throne
The royal palace was invaded the king was out

Standing in wilderness the king saw the moon
The boy the loner who was made an utter fool
Vowed in his heart that one day he will return
For what else is there for a king to do but rule



I leave it to my readers how they perceive this story of the boy…… whats your take on it ?


Little did he know

little did he knew

I asked the boy inside me where have you gone lately
For sorting out the things in life I have missed you greatly

My conscious and my dreams are not the same anymore
The changes are so subtle they are just hard to ignore

To move forward in life you made the choice seemed right
You wanted to be a free soul I was hampering you flight

I smiled the smile I never smiled in my life on his reply
It’s a two headed sword this world so I had to try

Circumstances situations that hustle we do to stay alive
Demands a sacrifice and it’s your own hand with the knife

So I had to let you go believe me this was not my desire
Sometimes you burn your own hands to escape the fire

I have missed you leaving you was never part of the plan
But there are pains I have to endure like a grown up a man

I was the one thing that connected you with you he said
All gone its over between us this relationship is dead

He didn’t replied foolishly thinks I never wanted him to stay
Little did he know that it was bound to happen this way

In the End

In the End

For it is how you handle life that matters the most
The way you adapt with every changing season all those new moons
Sharing happiness managing grief balancing ways
Asking the right questions, seeking the right answers
Wanting to be the odd one or one with the crowd
Embracing fate or making your own
Choosing to run the race for heaven or hell
Learning from everything a thing or two
How do you see the world with your eyes?
Do you see everything in Black or White?
As for doing things in life there is right and a wrong way
And ask yourself do you often seek the gray !
For it’s your choices you make that cause you to repent
Choose wisely so in the end you can say
A life well spent.

Prisoners (2013)


Cast: Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Paul Dano, Terence Howard, Melissa Leo, Maria Bello and Viola Davis

Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery

I would like to keep this review as simple as possible as I don’t want to give spoilers and ruin your movie experience. My first impression of prisoners was another suburban detective investigative story with lot of dark scenes and tension. But what I found was some brilliant acting a perfect screenplay and a story that grips you to your seat till the end. (more…)