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3 Days 3 Quote Challenge

I have been nominated for 3 day 3 Quote challenge by Arfa (thanx Arfa, i am loving this challenge), she is a wonderful blogger and you should definitely check out her writings. The challenge involves posting a quote for 3 consecutive days. But since i will be unable to post for 3 days straight due to my work schedule i am going to post all the quotes at once.
But my fellow bloggers you please follow the rules.

The rules of the quote challenge are:

Thanks the person who nominated you.
Post a quote each day for 3 days.
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9. and finally some Heisenberg wisdom…


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Sometimes yes it’s hard to carry hope
For it’s not easy to steady the ship
The waves of life are a F5 storm
And the anchor of faith is lost somewhere
So I try to set the course in line
Turning the truth
Feeding it all day so it sets the sails straight
And the course of life is back to normal
But then one day someone asked me
Tell me what to do as I am in great winds
The waters are getting deep and fear is creeping in
And I so wanted to help
But I ran
I ran as far as my legs could carry me
For my own anchors were no more than a lie
And then I remembered that
I wish often to change the world
But how can I be of any help
If I am not even true to myself
So I closed my eyes and told my heart
No more illusions no more lies
I will keep my ship away from the rocks
Because from now on
I am the one who knocks

Falling Down – 1993

Falling Down - 1993Being a big fan of series like “Breaking Bad” and “Dexter” which bring in the prospect of common man standing up and saying enough is enough now its gonna be my way, the moment I saw the cover of Falling Down and these words “The Adventures of an Ordinary man at War with the Everyday World” I immediately made up my mind to watch it and yes I was not disappointed.

Falling down is a simple story of a man who just wants to go to his daughter’s birthday. The most important thing that I liked about this movie was the story, the plot and screenplay is so simple and fast. Michael Douglas plays the part of William Foster a man who is having a difficult hot day. (more…)