Axl Rose

Attended Guns N’ Roses Concert Dubai


GNROn 3rd March 2017 the thing that iv been dreaming for all my life finally happened. I attended Guns N’ Roses concert. Axl and Slash finally set aside their differences and the #NotInThisLifetime tour kicked off with 99 shows all around the world. On their Asian tour Dubai was their last stop, so as soon as i saw that they are coming to Dubai i said to myself i had to see them. Here are some memories from one of the most memorable day of my life.

And also completed first year in Dubai on 31 Mar 🙂

1.  Got the ticket the night before the concert


2. Reached at around 2 pm and yes there was this huge line waiting for me, people were there since morning

Guns N' Roses 1

3. The concert was due to start at 9 pm so i had good 6 hrs to kill


4. The entire arena had that Rock concert feeling …

5. Living the Moment – Sweet Child O Mine (singing my heart out)

6. Again livin the moment… \m/ – Paradise City

7. Always wanted to feel it live… Awesomeness, You Could be Mine

8. Welcome to the Jungle

9. Civil War

10. Live and Let Die

11. Mr Brownstone

12. Ending Fireworks