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Perfect Strangers

Perfect StrangersEveryone (almost) loves their childhood. Whenever we want to recall our past some of our best memories are associated with our childhood days. The sounds, the places even the smells take you to back to that sublime land of euphoria where everything was so pure and real. The following show which I am going to recommend you takes me to the same place.

In 80’s and 90’s we only used to have one TV channel PTV (Pakistan Television) which was owned by the state. It had a strict censorship policy (as per propaganda views of that era’s regime) and all the programs were prudently selected.

What the guy who selected the English shows did good was that he had a very good taste. There is a huge list of English language action, comedy and cartoon shows that kids of 80’s and 90’s love courtesy of PTV and NTM (the second channel a private one that came in the start of 90’s). Full House, AirWolf, Seseme Street, Captain Planet, Fresh Prince of Bel Air and the list goes on.

“Perfect Strangers” was launched in 1986 so it’s as old as me. Fast forward to 2017 and to this day I have been unable to find anyone who remembers it. It ran from 1986 till 1993 and had a total of 8 seasons. So the memories of first seven years of my life involve memories of this show. One of the first music I recall hearing is the show’s theme song and the ending harmonica always brings a smile to my face whenever i hear it.

The show revolves around the lives of two young men living in Los Angeles. One is Larry Appleton (Mark Linn-Baker) who is a regular guy in his 20’s coming from a big family with 9 siblings. He has just moved to the big city of Los Angeles and hopes to live alone for the first time in his life. The other is Balki Bartokomous (also in his 20’s) a happy-go-lucky guy who hails from the Mypos which is a fictional Greek island in the mediterranean.

Perfect Strangers

The story starts when balki who is brought up by his mother and has grown up watching American TV shows comes to America to live the American dream. He comes to Larry who happens to be his distant cousin.

And from there starts one of the best comedy sitcoms of 80’s and 90’s. Not only is the acting good but the physical comedy and movements were always up to the mark and you will be delighted to see the comical timing of Mark and Bronson aka Balki and Larry as they go by their daily routines of working in a newspaper office and living in their apartment.

Balki is new to America and struggles with the norms and language of the foreign nation. Larry takes the responsibility teaching him the American ways and becomes his mentor. The cousins are complete opposite of each other so things always get interesting.

The one liners are incredibly funny like Balki’s “Get out of the City” and “Don’t be ridiculous” and Larry’s “O My Lord”. And then there is Balki’s “Dance of joy”, which Larry and Balki do when they are Happy. If the show was aired in this age of internet it would have been a massive hit with a cult following. 

Dance of Joy - PS

But the best thing about the show is that it reminds of the era when there was no internet, people just seemed a little less stressed, more honest and more caring. But its human nature to always see past as good old days and this show is a perfect rendition of that.

Bronson Pincot is perfect as Balki (i named my dog after him) and is so good that you actually want to believe that Meypos is an actual place on world map. He was a heart-throb in th 80’s and 90’s and with those good looks he would have packed some major film roles if the show was aired in the 2000’s. But the icing on the cake is Mark Linn-Baker as Larry who in my opinion steals the show with his hilarious dialogue delivery and perfect timing. I can say so many things but its better that you watch it yourself and I don’t spoil the fun. 

If you are a fan of comedy sitcoms, do check this one out, you will surely love it. 10/10



Hello Folks, hope you all are fine and in good health, well i have been away and caught up in so many things that still I am unable to find time to read all your amazing stuff and write something of my own. These last couple of months have been a period of huge changes for me and i have not been able to give time to blogging, so sayin from the other side of Burj Khalifa (one of the changes 😛 ) to you all…… Hello

Jurassic World and the Curious Case of Pakisaurus Balochistani


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Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

I have always loved dinosaurs; since I was 6 years old they have been my favorite animals. So when Jurassic Park came out 22 years ago, as a seven year old at that time I was blown away (to this day it still does no matter how many times I watch it), as I grew older I read the novels on which the series was based on and they are one of my favorite books. (more…)

Prisoners (2013)


Cast: Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Paul Dano, Terence Howard, Melissa Leo, Maria Bello and Viola Davis

Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery

I would like to keep this review as simple as possible as I don’t want to give spoilers and ruin your movie experience. My first impression of prisoners was another suburban detective investigative story with lot of dark scenes and tension. But what I found was some brilliant acting a perfect screenplay and a story that grips you to your seat till the end. (more…)

Falling Down – 1993

Falling Down - 1993Being a big fan of series like “Breaking Bad” and “Dexter” which bring in the prospect of common man standing up and saying enough is enough now its gonna be my way, the moment I saw the cover of Falling Down and these words “The Adventures of an Ordinary man at War with the Everyday World” I immediately made up my mind to watch it and yes I was not disappointed.

Falling down is a simple story of a man who just wants to go to his daughter’s birthday. The most important thing that I liked about this movie was the story, the plot and screenplay is so simple and fast. Michael Douglas plays the part of William Foster a man who is having a difficult hot day. (more…)


Her - 2013

On all the movies I have seen on relationships between Humans and computers Her is by far the most moving and inspiring. In these days when our social interactions have totally gone cybernetic, we try to seek closure in technology, Her touches the very basics of this addiction in a beautiful way.

Joaquin Phoenix plays the lead character who falls in love with his operating system, as the movie is set in the future that is one advanced operating system we are talking about. (more…)

In The Name Of The Father

In The Name Of The Father (1993)This review has no spoilers so don’t worry It will not spoil you movie experience. Daniel Day Lewis is an actor who comes with a bang, plays a complex character beautifully and then disappears for another three four years only to return to deliver another strong performance and win an Oscar or two which as a matter of fact has become a habit of his. Based on a true story this particular movie came in 1993 exactly 20 years ago. (more…)