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Pakistani Food – One of the most lavish

FOOD COLLEGEI am not a foodie but i do love a good cuisine, especially if its local. Whatever fast food i eat outside the only thing that satisfies my food cravings fully in a day is when i come home and eat the traditional Desi food. I shared this album some years ago on my Facebook and now thought that i share it with my blogging friends too. This is gonna be one Delicious post. (more…)

Attended Guns N’ Roses Concert Dubai


GNROn 3rd March 2017 the thing that iv been dreaming for all my life finally happened. I attended Guns N’ Roses concert. Axl and Slash finally set aside their differences and the #NotInThisLifetime tour kicked off with 99 shows all around the world. On their Asian tour Dubai was their last stop, so as soon as i saw that they are coming to Dubai i said to myself i had to see them. Here are some memories from one of the most memorable day of my life.

And also completed first year in Dubai on 31 Mar 🙂 (more…)

Meet Balki


Ladies and gentlemen meet Balki Bartokomous (yup he’s got a full name) my newest best friend, Balki came into this world on 7.6.2015 and came to me when he was 21 days old. Balki’s breed is “Pointer” and he is the runt of the litter. I recently brought his brother to the house from his owner so Balki can play with him and get to know other Dogs. I am a Dog person, their loyalty and friendship is so pure. Balki is such a cute little bundle of love and I will suggest that if you are lonely and you want something to keep you busy get a puppy. (more…)

My Journey with Wrestling

It was 1991 or 1992, a 5, 6-year-old me heard sounds coming from our drawing-room. It was 11pm and way past my bedtime. I got out from the bed and went into the drawing-room rubbing eyes as I was getting over from sleep. All lights were off but the room was dimly lit by the TV screen, my dad was sitting in front of it watching intently two men in a ring. I went to him, sat on his lap and started watching. He didn’t took his eyes of the TV nor objected that “Go back to your bed you have school tomorrow”. Thus my love affair with wrestling and WWF was born. (more…)

Flowers in Graves

Flowers in GravesI sat yesterday to write about this, but couldn’t, I just couldn’t find words. I am still unable to express what I am feeling; it’s a mix of anger, frustration, sorrow, guilt, helplessness, shame. Since yesterday, every Pakistani is going through these emotions. I feel my whole being should just cease to exist. These atrocities have been going on in this land for years and our ears, eyes and brains just got accustomed to hearing this and then to forget after some months, why? What are we? Why our children had to be the ones who had to go through all this, to shake our conscious?

It is said that to feel someone’s pain you have to put yourself into their shoes. One cannot feel close to what the loved ones of those children are going through, what those children went through, those who survived are going through. It feels like someone ripped apart a piece of my own heart; a part of my soul has been taken. (more…)

Birds of Pakistan

Birds of Pakistan

I love Birds, I shared this album about Birds of Pakistan with my Facebook friends way back in 2012, so now i thought why not share it with all my fellow blog mates. (more…)