Poetic Truths

poetic truths

For it’s a strange thing that
we are able to weave the web of true poetry
only when sadness reigns the heart

Like that mystery ingredient
which adds flavor and finesse
to the gourmet of feelings expressed in words

Why happiness is seldom the reason to
elevate our words, lifting them at heights

Majority of poets are born
not out of curiosity, ambition or fascination
but out of necessity

Needs to fill up empty voids with words
voids acting up like black holes
in the cosmos of one’s emotions

It’s a reassurance to one’s self
almost a last resort against
blitzkrieg of the senses

A major part of life is spent in searching the
joys of heart so when at hand
we try our best living those moments

Songs are often born by the mating of
euphoria and glee as the words
get the baptism of contentedness

People relate more to sadness
so tragic poetry seems like a soothing light
at the end of the tunnel


Its just a feeling of mine that words come out more strongly when your heart is sad.

Blitzkrieg = An intense military campaign intended to bring about a swift victory.


  1. Cool because blitzkrieg was the word that caught my eye and I had instantly (1) thought what a unique word that is (2) searched for the meaning (3) planned to leave a comment telling you about this; and then found it mentioned in the last line.
    Khaer, really nice poetry. And true too! Needs to fill up void in the cosmos of one’s emotions is what does it. Beautifully done. 🙂


    1. lol, happened to me once too on a blog, you are lucky that you saw the description at the end, i missed it, made a long comment about it and than had that awkward moment when realized it was already described at the end…… Thank you for liking my poem 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Must have been awkward xd

        I actually like that word and the way it has been used: “almost a last resort against blitzkrieg of the senses”. Hence the speech.
        And it was a pleasure reading your poems. You’ve got a nice blog!:)


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