Let me Bleed

Let me Bleed

Let me bleed
Lie to me
Twist the words, make them timeless
When the sun goes down and stars shimmer…
that soft silver glint in the eye
Pray that the clouds unleash
Sky paints a black coat to its soul
Move the shade away
Let the storm petrify
Warmth still lurks on the hammer’s head
Step away
Don’t tend to my wounds
Because sometimes
You bleed just to know you’re alive


  1. Let me Bleed so that I come to know
    How painful wounds can be
    Because wounds make me realise
    This is a real world
    Where you live
    Live with agony
    Live with fallacies
    Let me Bleed
    Because not every battle can be won
    Let me lose
    Let me be a real person
    With real emotions. …..

    Liked your poem Akhiz

    Liked by 1 person

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