Meet Balki


Ladies and gentlemen meet Balki Bartokomous (yup he’s got a full name) my newest best friend, Balki came into this world on 7.6.2015 and came to me when he was 21 days old. Balki’s breed is “Pointer” and he is the runt of the litter. I recently brought his brother to the house from his owner so Balki can play with him and get to know other Dogs. I am a Dog person, their loyalty and friendship is so pure. Balki is such a cute little bundle of love and I will suggest that if you are lonely and you want something to keep you busy get a puppy. Balki’s childish movements and his innocent moves are so full of life.

Balki - FB, First Day

Balki on his First Day with Me.

But I have some questions, as a new Puppy owner I want to ask from all of you who have Dog owning experience.

1. Balki is not even 2 months old, at what age should I start his potty training? Plus as they say that puppies are just babies with no diapers so what can be done about the excessive urinating?

2. What is the best age to start training your puppy commands like, come, sit, stay, no?


when fully grown Balki will be like this Handsome young fellow

3. Balki is always in playing mood he wriggles his tail so much that sometimes I fear that he will fly away like a helicopter. The sleeves of my trousers and pants are his favorite victims, he always hops around my legs and tries to bite them, I know that it’s his teething age and he wants to explore the world with his mouth but sometimes it gets too annoying, he even has his own chew toy which I made him from a sock but still he wants my pants the most. I have seen videos where they say that put your hand in his mouth and say “ouch” loudly if he bites too hard, but frankly in our culture if you get a Dog bite and draw even a little blood (his teeth are sharp I have experienced) you have to get shots, and I have no intention of my parents forcefully getting me injections just so they have the peace of mind that I am ok. So tell me how can I stop his habit of biting? Yes I have given him chew toy but still he bites everything. How can I teach him not to bite even if I place my hand in front of his mouth?


Balki havin a go at it on my Hand

puppy mouth

Here is what’s coming to me…


This is what i see coming

4. What’s the best homemade food I should give him at his age, and how many times a day? (answer this considering he was born on 7.6.2015)

5. Balki is the runt if the litter, they are 4 brothers born at same time and he was the last, his other brothers are still with their mother but Balki came to me when he was 21 days old, when I brought his brother (forgot to ask his name so I’ll call him Biney)



Balki’s brother was bigger than him in size and also weighed more. But he was lazy and always seemed to be sleepy whereas Balki is like he is always on Red Bull mixed with coffee hooping and jumping here and there.


Balki is like…


and Biney is like

My questions is are all runts small, is Balki going to be the same height like his brothers when he is fully grown up or will he be small like he is (but extra energetic then his brothers) ?


Balki & Biney (Biney is bigger in Size)


Can we Paly…. can we can we can we can we can can we

6. As Balki is growing he is also becoming more moody and demanding, if he wants to go in a room he bangs the door and if it doesn’t open after his constant trying he will sit there for a long time uttering noises or crying that let me in (this especially happens for the kitchen) what can I do to stop his stubborn behavior so he stops going into certain rooms?

7. What advice regarding care will you give me about him? I will be talking him the Vet very soon for his shots and through checkup.



Come lets play Bro


oh come on wake up…


you are so borin…


oh come on you Sleepzilla…


don’t make me go all Terminator on you…


ahh forget it …




  1. Awwh Look at that cutie pie !! I want to cuddle that cute little thing ❤
    I don't have any experience with dogs since I'm more of a cat person so can't help with you the questions. I hope you find answers soon 🙂

    And I like what you named him, Balki ! Does it mean something? 🙂

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    1. Always wanted to name my Dog Balki, Balki Bartokomous is a Mepoysian name its the name of my Favorite TV character from my favorite TV series “Perfect Strangers” ….. will do a post on this series very soon, Godwilling 🙂


  2. Balki is reeeaally cute.
    So first of all CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!
    About Dogs biting, they are just being playful. My hands & legs are full of scars from Gingerella. Get all the necessary shots for her, so that you don’t have to when you get bit. Potty training is a bit difficult. If it does it indoors, wash it with Dettol, and let Balki smell it. Don’t force him, but take him to the area while the Dettol still wet. He won’t like it. Of course he won’t learn in a day. Urination, don’t start yet, or he’ll get confused. But if you see him about do so, quickly pick him up and take him outside, and gently put him down.
    About teaching him to sit. Don’t necessarily do it with food, use a treat, hold it in your hand and tell him sit (slowly/kindly) Siiiit!!! Siiit!, until he sits. (no need to shout at the dog, a lot of people tend to shout). Make him feel at home, as if he were your own child. Let him sleep in your arms, i9f he wants to. NEVER EVER HIT your DOG. Dogs and children make mistakes, hitting isn’t the answer. What about the mistakes adults make, they are worse sometimes. So No hitting. Punish him, put him on a high stool or something, but don’t hit him.
    Check out my puppy’s page on Facebook (Gingerella Sen), you’ll learn a lot from Gingy’s page. 🙂
    And biting, the best thing put your hand inside the mouth, sideways, it hurts us less. He doesn’t bite out of anger, but love. So let him bite, but you be in control.
    Food, for the time being – milk, plain curd & Pedigree(for puppies). Don’t give any sugar or chillies. As he passes a few months, train him on rice (no spices), stained with turmeric, and boiled chicken (or other white meat, best to keep in away from red meat altogether).
    Gingy tends to hit on the door as well, so when he does let him in. But if he’s naughty, put him out, and don’t let him in no matter how much he hits at the door (another form of punishment).
    Always reward him with a treat, when he’s good, and pat him head, saying ‘Good Boy’. When he does something mischievous, never reward him!
    I’ve been giving Gingy Osto calcium syrup (1 teaspoon), Vitamin B (1/2 teaspoon), and Seven seas cod-liver oil capsules. daily. Worm treatment, once a month. (ask your vet as well). If you have a dog, you’ll need to spend on taking care of it, and not think of him as a dog, but as your own child. Take Care of Balki
    I hope this was helpful enough.

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    1. Nuwan you just made my day 🙂 ….. thanks a lot for this detailed answer, i guess ill have to muster up the courage after all to put my hand in Balki’ s mouth. And just liked Gingy’s page on Fb, she seems so much fun.

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    1. he growing as fast as Pakistan’s foreign debt lol, just two months ago he was just a baby whom i had to feed with a feeder and now he is a smart young lad, just taught him the SIT command last night (i was almost in tears cuz of happiness) he is smart.

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      1. Hahaha! One suggestion (I’ve had 3 dogs, all of whom died way before it was their time) – give him some fresh, wet food (meat/veggies/milk/roti) along with the readymade packaged stuff. And for his teeth, nothing better than a real haddi once in a while (throw it away after he’s been at it for awhile)

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      2. Not practical, Akhiz. It’s a 10 year investment and she will be long gone for her degree before that. I have parents getting along in age, my wife also works…too much on the plate at the moment. But, love dogs all the same!

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  3. Aww Look at Balki. So cute and silky he is. So cuddly. I am sure he keeps you busy and you have lost of fun taking care of him.
    I have no experience with dogs so can’t answer your queries.
    Love to your dog ! 😛

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