Jurassic World and the Curious Case of Pakisaurus Balochistani


Cast: Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Irrfan Khan, T-rex, Raptors, Introducing Indominus Rex, Guest Appearance by Mosasaurus

Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

I have always loved dinosaurs; since I was 6 years old they have been my favorite animals. So when Jurassic Park came out 22 years ago, as a seven year old at that time I was blown away (to this day it still does no matter how many times I watch it), as I grew older I read the novels on which the series was based on and they are one of my favorite books. Jurassic Park 1 was a classic, Jurassic world 2 a disappointment cuz they completely ruined the story of the book (The Lost World is my most fav book) and Jurassic Park 3 was well very weak story wise as it was not based on the books by Michael Crichton. But I still love all those movies as they have my favorite things in it, Dinos.

You can imagine my excitement when I heard the news that Jurassic World is coming out, I was jumping like an over excited Jonah Hill.


15 year wait for the next part finally coming to an end.

So when it got finally released I was counting days when I will watch it. I finally watched it yesterday (got my hands on a good print) my prompt decision to watch it so soon was powered up by the review from a Pakistani friend of mine who lives in Britain.

He said that he disliked the movie as it is Racist towards Pakistanis. I asked how? he said see for yourself. And Yes it contains a line which made him jump out of his seat, it says…

“The Pachys are out of containment!”

This is referred to the Pachycephalosaurus a certain type of humble looking Dinosaur. Now if you are a British Pakistani and you speak with a thick British accent you will hear it as…

“The Paki’s are out of the containment!”

This is because of the British accent (which I love), that’s why David Lloyd

David Lloyd

This Guy…

is one of my favorite cricket commentator, just listen to his description of any match when the last overs are on and the finish is nail biting.

British English as being the authentic English has that certain panache same as that of Lakhnavi Urdu (From Lucknow).

British Accent

In Britain the word “Paki” is the not as equivalent of the “N” word in USA but it’s still considered a Racist Slur in Britain against people of South Asian descent. Pakistani community takes it as an insult as it is said when been looked down upon.

Turns out if you Google it there actually is a Dinosaur from Pakistan named “Pakisaurus Balochistani”. Balouchistan is the biggest (and the least populated) province/state of Pakistan and is also the home of world’s biggest mammal (extinct of course)

“The Baluchitherium”


Now it was intentional or un intentional I dont know but Hollywood, you made a big blunder this time. When making big Budget movies intended for worldwide audience please take out some cash from the millions of dollars of that movie budget and hire a Linguistic advisor who can read your script so everyone is happy and no one is offended anywhere around the world.

Now as far as the movie goes, I am not disappointed, people are saying that its storyline is weak, they are right, that the actions sequences don’t have that excitement factor of the first one they are also right about that, but hey it still gets the job done (women who wear high heels will love this one, trust me) there are still Dinos in it so I would say just give it a try, do some research and then make your decision, ill just say let it go as forgivness is a virtue.

And Steven Spielberg please man you should have directed this one yourself, instead of just producing it.

I give it 7/10


  1. So your favourite pack of animals are the dinosaurs. I remember your question (previous post), which era I’d live to travel back to. I can imagine which period you’d love to visit. 🙂 Have you seen a TV series called Terra Nova (2011). I saw one season (I think it only had one). You might like that as well. For me it was average fare.
    And wow!! Dinosaur from Pakistan, I never knew about it. But dinosaurs ruled the planet back the, and there’d be different varieties in different regions.
    About British English, It’s generally Londoners who don’t pronounce the ‘r’ (ironic as Indians/Pakistani’s/Lankans et al give an extra emphasis on the ‘r’). So wotah isn’t applicable to posh Brit’s.
    For really good English, spoken properly, eloquently, watch Heritage movie, Merchant/Ivory productions. The best English speakers today, include the British Royals (especially the Queen), Julie Andrews, Hug Grant, Kate Winslet and Hugh Dancy, to name a few Brits.
    Some Indians include, Simi Garewal, Amitabh Bachchan, Sushmita Sen, Abhishek Bachchan, Rekha, Saif Ali Khan et al.
    The worst English I’ve across is from The Australians. ‘Affback Lodar’ (alphabetical Order), ‘Flaime’ (Flame), Ha!!! I can continue.
    I like the first Jurassic Park, not the latter two, but am keen on checking this one out.
    Interesting post!!! You had me at ‘Pakisaurus Balochistani’!!!! 🙂

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    1. Thanx for the info Nuwan, yup Australian accent is kind of funny sometimes, i rem an Aussie ask my friend ” have you come here today” which sounded as ” have you come here to die” for which he answered no for holidays, both gentlemen were confused. But i love the Irish accent, and actually want to learn it one day 🙂

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      1. Oh Yes!! the Irish have a very sexy accent, and there is something cutesie about the French accented English. The Scots are hilarious!! Love the Punjabi’s speaking any language. 😀
        The worst are sri lankan accents, and they make fun of all the accents (or rather insult them), but have no idea how hideous they sound themselves. Yes, they think they are best!!! at every thing!

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      2. I had my schooling from a Convent run by Sri Lankan Brothers and yes you are right, it was difficult to pick them up sometimes, they have an entirely different accent from other subcontinent nations.

        The most funny is the Punjabi British accent, sometimes it just goes over your head.

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  2. Cute. But just since you didn’t mention it, I’m pretty sure it’s “Pachy” in the movie, short for Pachycephalosaurus (“thick-headed lizard), which would jibe with the line about those particular dinos damaging their implants when they butt heads.


    1. I Did mention it (look above the pic of the guy holding the microphone – David Lloyd), the confusion is created since it sounds just like “Paki” so for British Pakistanis it sounded Pakis not Pachy.


  3. Hahaha, I love this post Akhiz, a different twist from your usual posts. Thanks for making me laugh. I’m not a big fan of such movies to be honest, I’m more of a contemporary kind of movies gal but hey I might just give this one a try 😉

    Hope your Sunday is going spectacular so far ❤

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