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cricket worldcup 2015So the Cricket worldcup 2015 is upon us, the pinnacle of our obsessive cricketing fascinations, the once in a lifetime (if you are Australian you can add it twice or thrice… or if you are that old fourice) sporting accomplishment where if your team wins your heart goes merry go round for four years.

Which brings us to my team Pakistan, The Green shirts, the cornered tigers, the most un-predictable side in any tournament. One which on its day can pulverize the strongest sides like Walter White on Red Bull and when its having a bad day can make Bangladesh team look like Tiger Woods of cricket. Winners of 1992, the magic of Imran and that team which nourished an entire generation of cricketing enthusiasts across the nation. The current team led by Misbah-ul-Haq that has been sent to Australia carries the hopes and dreams of 180 million people on their shoulders, they are considered to be the best combination available and are chosen from the best of the best.

Now the strategy for winning the worldcup obviously comes from rock solid batting line up, a bowling lineup that terrifies the opposing batsmen and a fielding side that can hold on to their catches ( consider Kamran Akmal in the 92 side running all smiley with that delicate Crystal trophy in his hands and suddenly……. Oh my God the horror, my body shivers just thinking about that) but luckily we don’t need it when we can have the most effective necessary ingredients one needs if one wants to win the world cup, yes ladies and gentleman here are the things; that chemical X which along with sugar and spice combined with something nice will give our team that superpower which will win us the world cup, it includes 5 points which are

1. In 1992 the world cup was hosted in Australia and New Zealand, in 2015 the world cup is again hosted in Australia and New Zealand.

2. This is considered to be the weakest Pakistan squad ever to be in a wold cup…. hey wasn’t that 92 squad also weak, losing almost all matches before pulling the magic in the end games, the form shown by this team in recently lost New Zealand series shows that we are on the right track.

3. Imran was 40+2 when he won the world cup, Misbah is 40…. Imran is a Niazi, Misbah is a Niazi….. Imran drinks water , o my God Misbah drinks water too.

4. The team jersey, that light Green color worked in 92 so hey why not bring that back this time too. We have always performed well in light green 92, 99 so that’s one lucky shade.

5. In 92 our main strike bowler Waqar Younis got injured just before the tournament , this time our main strike bowler Junaid Khan again got injured before the tournament ohh the similarities.

But the biggest question which is looming in the minds of almost all Pakistanis who heard the names of the team selected is that …. Where is this guy?

Fawad Alam

They see me Moustashinn….. they Hateinn

Yes Fawad Alam, who one day discovered that he gets his batting superpowers from his facial hair and then gave commendable performances for Pakistan with the bat saving the ship many times when team was in shallow waters, with his sensible batting and never give up attitude.

The excuse given for his exclusion was that since he gave credibility to the middle order and just refused to give up his wicket which is just against the team spirit of batting hara-kiri, plus the selectors had doubts of his ability to get the ball over the boundary… his constant rotating of strike and score board ticking added if he bats with Misbah the over whelming amount of tuk tukking….

Which brings us to another guy…


Makin Joey Proud… Ichiban

oh im sorry a youngster who by the way is included in the team, this youngster has been included because many things are expected of his batting abilities, but the youngster is still in learning stage has tremendous potential and will get better not throwing his wicket away as the time progresses, even though he has been around since 2009 and had over 100 matches to practice we must remember he is a youngster, but fear not after a long search we have been able to find the perfect man one who can change him and make him the perfect batsman the one who can get the job done which all other coaches failed to do, this guy


Rushing or Dragging !!!

In case you don’t know who he is watch this

Now the team jersey, yes that light green attire that our team wore at 92 world cup that beautiful kit that still brings a smile on faces, I personally like that dark green which is the original Pakistan green when our team wears that, but there was something about that kit that was just so soothing to the eyes, now people at PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board) decided to send our team in the same color this time too but can someone please tell them to use their eyes more carefully so they can identify which shade of green that actually was, not only they gave it the wrong color that also ended being the most awful kit of the tournament

Pakistan 1992

That 1992 worldcup shirt



Pakistan 2015 worldcup shirt

Our bowling has always been our strength, this time it’s been led by the 7 foot gentle Giant Irfan (that Big Shows entrance music always plays in my head when he is about to start an over) we all so want those Wasim heroics of 92 to be repeated again, death bowling in end overs with those lethal Yorkers Pakistan bowling was associated with but in recent years our bowlers just forgot how to use them, when asked the reason they replied, “every time we bowl a Yorker a little puppy dies somewhere so we just stopped bowling them” (the same reason was given by Indian bowlers when asked why they don’t bowl fast).

The one man who everyone will be watching is Afridi who recently announced that he will be retiring after the world cup, the true Rock star of Pakistan cricket, you will be missed Lala.

Shahid Afridi

Lala Land

Jokes aside team Green, we love cricket, we love you and we love when you play, our hearts are always with you, even when you don’t perform well yes our hearts get broken but we always know that you are the most talented guys among all other teams and you will bounce back, never let that never say die spirit. We believe in you and we believe that no matter what ever the circumstances you will give your 100 percent, and will bring back the Cup to Pakistan. As the great one said himself

“Successful people are fearless, they fight their fears, they are not scared of failure, they do not care what people say because people change what they think all the time. Do not allow your lives to be driven by what people say, go by what your objectives are, what your passions are, what your ideals are, and never ever downgrade your ideals in the movements of weakness, when you suffered a setback, that really is the time to reflect why you have suffered a setback and correct the mistake and keep going towards that ideal. It’s not a defeat that destroys you, being demoralized by defeat that destroys you. As long as you keep learning from defeats you will always keep coming back and get stronger all the time. I was not the most talented but it was this ability to come back that I succeeded.” – Imran Khan

And finally the first encounter of cricket worldcup 2015 that one match which is more important than the world cup final itself when your team is playing, yes that nerve wracking India – Pakistan encounter on 15th Feb … May the best team win

Pak vs Ind WC-15


    1. i can feel u…. Pakistan – India match is always a high intensity game, not for the faint of heart. Pakistan team in recent years has given so many Drama queen like performances turning favorable situations in to nail biting ones that we always keep a doctor on speed dial, again may the best team win.

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  1. Statistics showed 1 billion people watched today’s match. Around 47 thousand watched it live in the stadium. Among those 1 billion was me, a non cricket fanatic glued to tv. Following every over! What went wrong with pak? The players seemed not to be in form. Major credits go to misbah for having fetch it’s team some runs. Something drastically went wrong 😦
    Anyways, lets see what comes up. It’s going to get busier now. I am excited! Wish my neighbours Good Luck 🙂

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  2. I wish I could show the same amount of enthusiasm for cricket as other people do but I don’t know what went wrong with my brain fuse up there, I’ve lost all my interest in cricket since a year or so, Don’t know why. Nil interest, Zero, Nada!
    I’m thankful I didn’t waste my time on world cup this time around, I heard everything went down in drains for Pakistani Team.. *sigh*


    1. you are lucky, for me its more than a passion , cuz i am in love with the game, for me it doesn’t matter sometimes which team is playing, its the beauty of the game that draws me towards it, and my God what a beautiful game it is…. naturally my heart always wants my team to win but this time they are just not getting their **** together, lose but lose fighting, with never say die spirit, still 3 games left hoping and praying for the best, nai tau Ireland lay gia humay phir is dafa :/


      1. Hahaha, Wow, now that is some passion! lol
        All I can do is hope that people aren’t left too disappointed, I’m sorry but our team seems to be playing very selfishly…and all they seem to be good at is, taking selfies! -_-

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