Flowers in Graves

Flowers in GravesI sat yesterday to write about this, but couldn’t, I just couldn’t find words. I am still unable to express what I am feeling; it’s a mix of anger, frustration, sorrow, guilt, helplessness, shame. Since yesterday, every Pakistani is going through these emotions. I feel my whole being should just cease to exist. These atrocities have been going on in this land for years and our ears, eyes and brains just got accustomed to hearing this and then to forget after some months, why? What are we? Why our children had to be the ones who had to go through all this, to shake our conscious?

It is said that to feel someone’s pain you have to put yourself into their shoes. One cannot feel close to what the loved ones of those children are going through, what those children went through, those who survived are going through. It feels like someone ripped apart a piece of my own heart; a part of my soul has been taken.

I may be getting extra emotional I don’t know but since yesterday I just can’t stand anyone smiling, around me, in the markets, on streets, on TV. How can you smile in time like this? How can anyone smile… Humanity, determination, courage all these words which I hear all around me since yesterday mostly on tv news channels they seem so hollow, so meaningless, almost bringing a bit of anger from inside me, that what good will it do now.

I spent the whole day today sitting in the ER of the hospital. My dad (a heart patient) had a severe attack of high blood pressure in the morning, which doctor’s said was due to tension which we all knew came from where; as he took the news about Peshawar Attack incident pretty hard and thought about it during the night. A guy like me who is in his 20’s is still having trouble to go through all this, my dad who is in his 60’s and a father how he could not have felt it. We put flowers on graves, yesterday they put our flowers into the graves.

Those kids who saw their classmates die, those who saw their teacher burnt alive in front of them they would not be the same anymore.

They killed their childhood along with all those children they killed. Keep Pakistan in your prayers that may Peace reign on this land again.

Please remember those children who survived in Peshawar attack in your prayers. Remember all those 132 children who passed away, May they Rest in Peace, along with their family’s that may God give them strength to bear their loss.

They were our little brothers our little sisters our nieces our nephews, sunshine of our lives, future of our land, flowers of our garden.


  1. I still can’t get out of the …..shock? Sadness? Mourning? I can’t even come up with an appropriate word…
    What can we do? I keep thinking… And there are so many answers, all leading to more questions. We know this needs action. But WHAT action? Such state of confusion… There are so many perspectives on this, it’s hard to build my own.

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    1. you are right Moniba, we all are going through this state of confusion and helplessness, we know all the questions and all their right answers but than again its all what’s, why’s, and how’s 😦

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      1. it can be, may be not, so many answers, but if it was how can any human do such acts, revenge, for greater good so many justifications people give for the things they do, they all have excuses. but the question remains the same how to deal with such mindset and the most important question which has arisen more strongly after all this is, when?


  2. Even I don’t have words to express my emotions at this painstaking moment. I am horrified. I was actually shivering seeing the pictures of that school, hospital, read the interview of the nurse who treated the ones alive, principal of the school…Allah will place them at very high levels of heaven. Aameen.
    It’s a fear in me now. A fear of this ill natured humanity. Barbarism at it’s height. I don’t think we have the right to sleep peacefully when those unlucky parents across the border are spending grievous days and nights. Evrything is wrong. Just everything. Where is it all going? I don’t know. What did they win out of this? My heart is crying. I know how it feels when a family member is lost. When one fine day you come to know, you lost a part of yourself. The razor of pain cuts deeply. I can feel the bleeding of those mothers, those fathers, those sisters and brothers. I pray for strength for all of us.
    I read in the newspaper , few cities in Pakistan have been put on high alert. Is your city too on high alert? How is the situation their now?

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    1. My city is the third largest city of the country, but it has been incident free in this war mainly expect for one incident 4,5 years back, but you never know (God forbid) yes all major cities are on high alert and everywhere i look there is an uneasiness in everyone’s eyes. All demanding answers, asking question’s…… 😦


      1. There was a bomb blast infornt of intelligence building office adjacent to a petrol pump, my dad was in that part of the town, i heard the news on tv called him immediately, he was far far from it thank God.


  3. This is the most horrible thing which can happen to anyone anywhere.They are not human beings they are ghosts and monsters & this is not about any country but about humanity.Its not only we Indians but each & evry person of the world has faced this situation.I have no words for those ghosts.

    I pray to god for giving everyone strength to stay calm & peace in their life.

    What happened to your father?? Is he ok??

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    1. my Dad had an attack of high blood pressure, since he is a heart patient we were much worried and he had to go to hospital but his condition recovered and is much better after that …. Thanks for your concern…. God bless you.

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  4. It is regardless to say it was horrible, barbaric, inhumane and unfortunate.
    It was indeed a very difficult moment for all the Pakistanis.
    It left every mother mourning and every father in deep silence.
    I belong to an Army family and I’ve done my schooling all from Army Public Schools, wearing the same uniform, the same sweaters and coats in winters.
    My younger siblings are still in school so we have all the notebooks scattered everywhere at home.
    That makes things unbearable. The media showing notebooks flooded with blood of children nobody knows alive or dead and I have the same green logo-ed notebook right in front of me written by the name of my sister.
    The same uniforms hanging right in front of me that my brother has to wear the next day.
    The next day was even more difficult and I even felt like telling my younger siblings not to go to school but yeah I know they had to.
    May Allah bless the martyred ones and may Allah give patience and courage to the parents and the ones left behind.

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    1. I feel what you went through, i didn’t went to an army school i went to a convent but we had the same uniform just the color changed and not only you every Pakistani who went to school or who has children everyone with a heart was having a hard time just to cope with all that, it was horrible, is horrible, and our media need to grow up, one minute they show the news of attack and the next there are advertisement running with people dancing cuz they got just an amazing mobile phone, its ridiculous, they should consider the feelings of those affected by this,…. May they Rest in Peace and may God give strength to those parents and us all to bear this, Amen.

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  5. That unbearable brutal tragedy that occurred in Peshawar is going to morgue which will be forgotten like many other horrible incidents. I don’t see any action being taken against the culprits. May Almighty save our children, youth and land and all us. babies dying of cold in incubator having no heating system in this chilly winter. children dying in Mitthi of hunger but no steps are being taken:(

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    1. Its as i said we as a collective society have become too accustomed to hearing such news that it doesn’t matter to us how many die each day,only these big incidents shake us for the time being and after some says they are also forgotten, we need to wake up as a nation from this sleep and prove ourselves as sensible humans first who think and feel about their fellow countrymen and their nation…

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  6. I can feel what you must have – my Team and I (I run a design agency) were there at the Taj Hotel on 26/11 and happened to leave a couple of hourse prior. I’ve written on similar topics before, am humbly submitting them to you…

    May we all move towards universal peace!

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