Hey there, look the sun is out and the day is clear
You are all cozy with your coffee cup in hand
So why do you want to join me on my walk?
The road is long and the path has dust
It may Rain and the weather is a mystery
But its ok, you can come
I see you are not wearing any shoes
Here have mine I am used to walk bare feet
Be careful they look fine
But on soles they have a hole or two
So be cautious as you walk
The path is not smooth has its thorns and stones
Oh! Look your feet are bleeding now
The shoes didn’t save you from the stones in the way
I am sorry the shoes were not any help at all
Through summers, winter’s, storms they served me well
So now they are just worn out a little
But I am content with them
Here let me carry you on my back
Allow me to put back my shoes first
Yes they will not save my soles from bleeding too
But at least they will cover my feet.



  1. Beautifully Written! The wisdom is well laid in your words. True…gratitude is all that is needed in present times. The outworn shoes may not save you from bleeding toes but can serve covering your feet. The thing we should be grateful for….
    Thanks for sharing such an amazing thought.
    Stay Blessed! 🙂

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    1. Thank you Reva 🙂 …… yes we cannot feel a persons pain, suffering, loss, etc. unless we ourselves get into their shoes, put or imagine ourselves at the place they were or are in, that way we can understand them and their actions better. We often judge people but forget what circumstances and situations they were in.

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      1. My Pleasure, Akhiz. I completely concur with your thoughts. All seen is not all truth….there is more truth in the unseen too. We simply pass on opinions in our ignorance of the reality. Sometimes…the circumstances compel the realities.
        Thanks for sharing your re-fineness.
        Stay Blessed!

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