Be like water
Make your heart this way
It’s calm and takes any form
But what if someone creates ripples and the water is not calm anymore
And the ripples become waves, and the waves create a storm
And the storm destroys everything your heart once was
But what if there is no water just barren land
And you choose to be a desert
No ripples no waves no storms to fear
Hot days cold nights
A clear sky no fog no clouds on thoughts
Just the cold wind blowing inside
Yet still the desert yearns for water
No matter how long it chooses to stay that way
It waits for rain to come down pouring in
But why the desert demands it
That the clouds open up and fill its empty soul
It knows that the clouds will not stay
They will rain and then off they go
And the desert will be barren like before
For in the end we are just humans
Drunk on the fact that Love, only Love can save us
From the Depths of Hell



The ending should not be mistaken as an Anti-Love chant, i leave it to you what’s your take on the poem and how you decipher it. 


  1. This is not anti-love expression. It’s right that it is alluring for an empty soul to be filled by the rain of love. Knowingly that at the end it might turn into a storm leaving one aghast. Refraining from the sweet sensation of falling in love, life would be dry and cold as a desert. Your poem describes the bright and dark sides of love. Separation to account for the darker side.

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  2. Amazing thoughts! This is definitely not an Anti-Love chant. This is how the life is in all its honesty. Yes, we are just humans and only Love can save us. You have limned the shades of human expression beautifully. There is a supernal quality to this poem and I love it.
    Stay Wonderful!

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      1. oh, ok by flattered i meant that i am thankful for your king words and glad that you liked my poem, so ill again say thanks 🙂 … …stay blessed 🙂


  3. Reading above comments, I feel like I can’t express what I want to say as good as them. But I’m gonna try anyway because I can totally relate with it, even if you didn’t mean what I thought you meant by the poem. As for now I do think I’ve deliberately turned my heart into a desert because I cannot bear the pain that ripples create. I like the calmness this desert hold. It gets lonley and too silent but for now it is better than stormy waves the water contains. I can write about it all day long so I’m gonna say I love this piece ! So so good ! 🙂

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    1. Same here Zee, i on the other hand had experienced those ripples and so i too have decided to turn my heart in to a desert cuz its a place where its peaceful and i can be alone with calmness around me, or i can say those ripples had a big hand in creation of the desert…. whatever i write its an effort to camouflage personal reflections in a metaphorical way and poem is a medium through which i can share those thoughts, it helps to say so many things in just a few lines, otherwise like you i could go on writing on and on… glad that you can relate to something i wrote 🙂

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