Once upon a time
There was a man
He found that his heart’s land was barren
Cold winds blew over it in winter
Autumn never seemed to let go
So one day he got a single seed called Hope
And planted it in that land
Heavy rains of Doubt poured down
He was afraid that the ground will move
And he will lose the seed
So he built a boundary of Conviction around it
When strong winds of Worries blew
He sheltered it with the shade of Determination
If Hale of Confusion fell in
He guarded it with the roof of Discipline
The seed began to grow in to a little plant
Then swarms of Fear came
So he sprayed it with the spray of Faith
And then one day the plant finally became a tree
And it gave the fruit called Happiness
And in that fruit there were those same seeds of Hope
Now the man had so many seeds
More than he needed
So he decided to give them to other people
The End



Knock it out of the park... say it all !!!

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