His eyes were perfectly fine you see
The thing was that he watched the world in his own way
Though just five in his eyes the colors
Twilighted in an astounding manner
Azure, yellow, crimson, slate, everywhere, everything
Radiated with such bright magnificence that he wanted to
Go everywhere, touch everything
The brilliance of applegreens enthralled his senses
The splendor of amber made him sing
Turquoise created aura of deep serenity
Orange, lavender made bells ring
Scintillating his hopes alluring his world
Colors filled his days with an impeccable charm
But then as he grew older the colors started to fade
Until they were only a shade of two
All things seemed to appear in Black or White
And he was instructed to see everything in those two colors
Gray was an option if he couldn’t decide
His heart was perplexed his days were numb
And if he tried to fill them back with those
Those reminiscent of his early days
He was laughed and frowned upon
Deemed unable to match the ways of this world
And as he looked around he saw that he was not alone
Everyone around him was in this pursuit of the colors they lost
Like a long lost treasure their days started
With a hunger to fill them once again in their eyes
In wealth in fortune in lust in fame
In those things they searched them they played life’s game
So one day he closed his eyes and prayed
And felt a tear drop fall on his hand
Asked God to take back his sight
For he couldn’t stand the way of this land
He was told to look closely
To watch the goodness in everything on God’s green earth
Use the glasses of faith and the lenses of love
He was told to remember those colors never left his eyes
He just forgot how to see them in race for new skies


Knock it out of the park... say it all !!!

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