That determination that intricate will
arising inside when confronted by the truth
then fading away like stars at dawn

Prisoners of this vicious predicament
we try to stray away from it as far as we can
so it doesn’t disrupts what we mask

If only like that sparrow flying in eagle’s lair
that Determination gets the lift a final nudge
making its journey to do what should be done

Hearts infested with doubt and fear always
fail to bring the change within oneself
and rectify wrongs of the land they live in

Those who opt for change always say no to
commandments of manipulation never giving
their nod to those who cheat

Deep in trenches of the heart that will to act
right lurks but is often killed down instantly
by the sniper of our doubtful concerns

Those gallant enough to slay the dragon of
inner fears march triumphantly in front of
all the king’s horses and all the kings’ men

Gradual transformation of a caterpillar to a
butterfly starts within inside so only those
who are sincere with themselves succeed

The bridges of hope between hearts are built
from breaking the bones of skeletons rattling
inside our closets of fear and self-doubt


  1. Wow this was powerful Akhiz !!! I had to shake my head after reading this, Heavy words !
    It strangely reminded me of what’s happening in Pakistan today, people standing up against corruption and for a better Pakistan. The third Paragraph to be specific !
    Excellently written, still trying to wrap my head around it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you Zee, you exactly got the point, it came out a little too strong in the end but that’s because i am so sick and tired of that aura of denial everyone lives in my country, whenever they say their (politicians) name in their heads the first thing coming is corrupt, cheat, killer, etc.. but because they got no business with it, or they are at ease with their daily system they go on and choose to do nothing, in our daily lives, in media in society its everywhere in everything, even before this revolution change in Pakistan i wondered why we all do this. Similarly in our daily lives we should be honest first with ourselves if we want to honest with others.


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