Poetic Truths (Repost)

poetic truths

For it’s a strange thing that
we are able to weave the web of true poetry
only when sadness reigns the heart

Like that mystery ingredient
which adds flavor and finesse
to the gourmet of feelings expressed in words

Why happiness is seldom the reason to
elevate our words, lifting them at heights

Majority of poets are born
not out of curiosity, ambition or fascination
but out of necessity

Needs to fill up empty voids with words
voids acting up like black holes
in the cosmos of one’s emotions

It’s a reassurance to one’s self
almost a last resort against
blitzkrieg of the senses

A major part of life is spent in searching the
joys of heart so when at hand
we try our best living those moments

Songs are often born by the mating of
euphoria and glee as the words
get the baptism of contentedness

People relate more to sadness
so tragic poetry seems like a soothing light
at the end of the tunnel


Its just a feeling of mine that words come out more strongly when your heart is sad.

Blitzkrieg = An intense military campaign intended to bring about a swift victory.


  1. This is a wonderful poem. Very brave of you to say that, “People relate more to sadness” because I too think that as well. I think in this world many people are drawn to negativity and it seems that we much rather bring someone down than compliment them… a little positivity goes a long way and that’s why these days I like to say something nice when I mean it 🙂

    Love how you entwined emotions with food. Brilliant 🙂

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    1. Thanks Mabel, and you are absolutely right, a little gesture a little care some kind words can make someones day, often we don’t know how a little appreciation from us can be helpful in lifting up spirits. Glad you liked my poem… 🙂

      i know u love a good cuisine 🙂

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  2. This is what I’ve been thinking too. I never knew I could write let alone write poetry and stuff until two years when I was going through some really tough times. Some thing within me changed and I found myself looking for a way to express. And during those darkest times I discovered this writer in me. Nothing inspires one more than the these human experiences. Reading your post reminded me of this piece of writing my R. M. Drake, Thought I should share with you too.

    “A woman comes to me.

    “You write beautifully,
    But you write about brokenness
    and Suffering.
    Sorrow and loneliness,
    And sometimes,
    It is a little too much for me.”

    All of these Human experiences
    rolling Down the street,
    fighting for a chance to get your attention.

    “It all ends in disappointment.” I said.

    “Even in writing. Things are
    Not as lovely as they seem.”

    It is all a cycle
    of constant suffering.
    All else is not real.
    If you do not hurt for it,
    Then it is not love.”

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    1. The feeling is mutual Zee, my poetry journey also started two years ago when i was going through tough times… and that little solace in words did helped a lot. Poetry doesn’t just comes to you, one has to go through certain emotions mostly sad ones which just trigger this wordlplay inside. Dark times do bring out the best in us…. no wonder my favorite color is Black 😉

      i just love the poem you have shared, it fits perfectly like a piece in a jigsaw puzzle here, thanks for sharing it. I always enjoy reading your poetry and always look forward to it 🙂


      1. I never used to “Get” poetry before you know, it always used to fly above my head and I never thought it was something I would be ever be able to do. But hey life surprises you. So here I am today.
        I’m glad you liked his poem as much as I did, His work is outstanding. Someone worth reading 🙂

        Hope you have a fantastic weekend Akhiz ❤

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    1. aah yes Daffodils by William Wordsworth we had that in our 9th Class English Textbooks, i think i even knew it by heart at in those days 🙂

      …. i think happiness makes us to express ourselves usually in other genres like songs or dance or laughter etc. but sadness ….. sadness makes us think and sometimes that thinking results in to poetry 🙂


  3. Tragic poetry comes like a soothing light at the end of tunnel, WOW. Yes, seriously, I keep wondering the same thing. Why is it that sadness triggers poetry. The more you are sad, the more fantastic poem you can write. May be sadness in far more a heavier feeling than happiness. I don’t know. But this I know that you are a great poet 🙂 Love !

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  4. So very true, its the emotion that intensifies our words and adds an element of greatness, its the darkness…sadness, anger, pain that makes us inclined to an outlet such as writing.
    Combine the passion for your craft with talent and practice…and boom! The recipe for successful writing!
    Like alchemy, transforming darkness into art, beauty and ultimately light.
    Love your writing style.
    Great way of expressing a truth.

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