Ramblings Unattended

Ramblings Unattended

Sometimes I wonder what you think the moment when you look at the stars
Sometimes I smile just thinking your laugh coming from a thought of an old memory
Sometimes I look at the rainbow and wish you watching it on the other side
Sometimes I imagine the wind I feel on my face passing by your house
Sometimes I feel if it is all just a dream what I feel sometimes
Sometimes I am afraid because I feel nothing
What if you don’t look at the stars because you don’t go out at night?
What if the memories don’t bring a smile and you never think of them
What if you don’t fill colors in your eyes because you don’t like the rain?
What if you keep your windows shut all day afraid of storms
What if these dreams are just illusions created by a wonderful trick?
Sometimes I just sit under the stars at dusk after the rain feeling the wind on my face
And I see the rainbow and say
What if you laughed?


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