Falling Down – 1993

Falling Down - 1993Being a big fan of series like “Breaking Bad” and “Dexter” which bring in the prospect of common man standing up and saying enough is enough now its gonna be my way, the moment I saw the cover of Falling Down and these words “The Adventures of an Ordinary man at War with the Everyday World” I immediately made up my mind to watch it and yes I was not disappointed.

Falling down is a simple story of a man who just wants to go to his daughter’s birthday. The most important thing that I liked about this movie was the story, the plot and screenplay is so simple and fast. Michael Douglas plays the part of William Foster a man who is having a difficult hot day. The movie in a very realistic way depicts the social behaviors, economic impacts, cultural barriers, social, personal and family effects on the psyche of a man when brought down to his limits. Falling Down shows the killer instincts required for living on the street when survival is at stake. The real irony is that the way it shows the flaws and potholes of the society can be related to any country/city and not just LA where as it shows you are only acceptable if you are “economically viable”.

The main character walks on the thin line of transition from protagonist to antagonist but the plot is so well written that it brings the viewer to the decide on its own how the main character should be perceived in the end. All characters in the movie have done a pretty decent job especially Michael Douglas who shines in his role with straight to the point rugged acting and Robert Duvall who seemed to be was born to play the role of the detective.

Vigilante justice….nah I wouldn’t put it in that predicament but it surely touches the boundaries of larger fish taking their share and a smaller one had enough of it one day so its bring it on from there on. Having that dark disfranchised urban feel of the 90’s movie Falling Down is 113 mins of straight edge drama which will not leave its viewers unsatisfied. I would give it



  1. Nice review. The sad thing about Falling Down, is that in today’s world, I find the movie’s subject even more relevant than 20 years ago when it was released.

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