When ships of doubt anchor on the shore of your thoughts
The inside feels like rooms of an abandoned castle
The wheel of emotions is stuck and all moments feel same
You can’t seem to figure if you are happy or sad
Just look out your window and see the birds
Flying, singing, searching for that gain of the day
All lost in their world yet happy because they know
That at the end of the day when they fly back to the nest
They will not go empty handed whether its summer or storms
And every day they fly because they know
That whatever they seek they shall find 1
Fueled with this faith in there heart they fly each day
Now you filled with clouds of innumerable thoughts in mind
Burn those ships
Don’t let go the simpler things in life that you miss
Waiting for things unknown ignoring those little joys and smiles
Don’t wait them up just fly away and bloom
Because remember you are much more than those birds 2

                                                                                                                                                                                                                           20 February, 2014


1. Matthew 7:7

2. Matthew 6:26


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