Cujo by Stephen King

Cujo - Stephen King

Author – Stephen King

Genre – Psychological Horror

“The Shining” is regarded as the most famous and best work of Stephen king. But for me from all the King books I would rate Cujo at the very top in terms of horror and suspense. The thing which sets it apart from others is that a person can relate to the horror and on the edge twists. Stephen King nails it by crafting a simple story in to a horror thriller where the tension just mounts and mounts.

Cujo is the story of a dog, a big dog as it’s a Saint Bernard. We all (almost) have our Dog chasing experiences from our childhood and we can relate what horror was felt at that age. Now imagine that horror ten folded. In a small American town a friendly dog named Cujo gets rabies from a Bat bite and then all havoc breaks loose.If you are a first time King reader just give it a little time as the characters and the story develops but as soon  asthe story is well settled Stephen King just kicks the fifth gear and at the end you will be racing through pages.

There are no aliens, no out of body experiences, no supernatural powers but simple pure natural horror and tension which is masterfully portrayed by King as he captures the readers imagination and takes it to places and scenarios where one can relate and feel the intensity of the situation resulting in an experience quite thrilling, full of excitement and suspense.

Now as most King books Cujo also got adapted in to a movie. It was a pretty decent horror movie and I was amazed to see the low IMDB rating for it. The story is changed a little at the end from the book to give a more cinematic feeling to the movie but the director has done good level of justice in bringing it to the big screen. So if you want a real horror thriller instead of gory nonsense that is named horror these days this old one will be a treat for your suspense cravings.

But if you want some real thrill and good reading I would suggest the Book. One of my all-time favorite Horror books. I would give Cujo



  1. Yes the plot has so much to offer if it is remade in to a movie. The one made in 1983 was a pretty decent one even though most movies which are made on King novels usually disappoint (except Shawshank Redemption that was one good movie). If it was up to me i would choose Sam Raimi to direct it.


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