Let us look back at the moments we shared
Take a little peek at the times gone by
Remember the walks we took together
When we so often tried to touch the sky

And now when it’s all gone and is just a memory
But always brings a smile when comes in mind
Because days were sunny and nights were bright
And the world seemed more friendly and kind

So what happened to all those days and nights?
It all just seemed like a wonderful dream
But like all dreams end and you have to wake up
And then you see the reality and scream

Because now you can feel the chaos of this world
And your eyes see clearly what people are
And you don’t like it what you find and feel
You wish to run away, just away and far

Why we wished to grow up at the first place
How silly we were wanting all things fast
Now when we have them we want to go back
Become a child again and live in our past             

                                                                                      2 Feb, 2014

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