Her - 2013

On all the movies I have seen on relationships between Humans and computers Her is by far the most moving and inspiring. In these days when our social interactions have totally gone cybernetic, we try to seek closure in technology, Her touches the very basics of this addiction in a beautiful way.

Joaquin Phoenix plays the lead character who falls in love with his operating system, as the movie is set in the future that is one advanced operating system we are talking about. The nice thing which sets this movie apart from other futuristic movies is that we are not shown the dark and self-destructive gloomy side of the future rather there is a sense of calmness in all the sets and scenery.

Her shows us that love is not confined by physical connection rather it is a much more diverse, it shows that as humans how lonely we are even when we have the access to all the technology and ease of connection, it shows that care concern and understanding are the most vital ingredients of a relation, to lose yourself in to someone, to be able to communicate with them without any fear, to find a partner in your best friend, to be able to tell someone all the things you ever wanted to say, to feel complete when you are with them, and most importantly to feel happy.

Story of a man coping with loss, in search of happiness and closure and finding it in such a way that he himself is caught in a web of confusion and self-doubt. The plot is nicely paced and as far as acting is concerned I have a new found respect now for Joaquin Phoenix who plays the lead role brilliantly. Scarlett Johansson voices the operating system and as good as she looks the same can be said about her voice.

The simplicity of the story with no unnecessary twists and turns which are added in most movies to make them more Hollywood flavored makes it a refreshing watch.

The focal theme of this movie is internet and technology addiction but I will say  that If you are coping with loss or if you simply want  answers to some of your questions on love and relationship do watch it, it will help your understand yourself a little.  I give her



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