In The Name Of The Father

In The Name Of The Father (1993)This review has no spoilers so don’t worry It will not spoil you movie experience. Daniel Day Lewis is an actor who comes with a bang, plays a complex character beautifully and then disappears for another three four years only to return to deliver another strong performance and win an Oscar or two which as a matter of fact has become a habit of his. Based on a true story this particular movie came in 1993 exactly 20 years ago.

The plot revolves around the Britain –Ireland conflict bombings in 70’s, corruption of the police and father son relationship who are accused of a crime which they didn’t commit. For a guy like me who belongs to an Asian country which stands on the number 127th among the most corrupt nations in the world, I can understand the anguish and hopelessness a family can feel when the legal system who is supposed to protect them becomes their biggest enemy. Forced to accept responsibly of a crime he didn’t commit Daniel plays a son who is just a regular guy punished to spend 15 years of his life in prison for which his family especially his father who is kept in jail with him also suffers.

The Actors have played their characters very well and the thick Irish accent which I personally like very much is never a problem to understand. Father son chemistry between son Daniel Day Lewis and the father Pete Postlethwaite is complex and intense as both had a somewhat distant relationship discover new sides of their relation and come to know each other better as they live in Jail.

The thing that caught my attention just as the movie started was the soundtrack. The opening number “In the name of the Father “ by Bono (U2) and Gavin Friday has this enigmatic hollow feeling which perfectly portrays the mood of the movie and deserves that you download it and listen..

The interesting thing is that Pete who plays the father is just 11 years older then Daniel Day Lewis in real life. In short a movie worth watching. I give it

8.4/ 10

Knock it out of the park... say it all !!!

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