The ultimate question of Why?

Why ?Often in our life we come to a point when we say to God, Why me God ? , what did I do to deserve this? or why is this happening to me?. We complain to God that we didn’t deserved what happened to us and God has been unfair. And in our bitterness we accuse God of all the outcomes.

What we forget is that God never leaves us even in time of loss and despair. He is constantly watching over us. Always remember that all suffering is temporary. As a Christian we are being told from an early age that whatever our heart desires we should ask Him in prayer. But we forget a very important factor here.

As humans we want all things to happen quickly, and complain when we don’t get them on our desired time, the thing to remember here is that God doesn’t work in this way. He gives all things on their due time which is being set by Him, why we don’t get them on our time, well that’s because we didn’t deserve them on that moment.

Yes, we didn’t deserved it, if we look at the parable of the three servants Matthew 25:14-30 we see that the man gave 5 bags of silver to one servant, two to the second and one to the third. He could have had given 5 bags to all three or just one bag to all of them but he divided them in different amounts and gave them according to their abilities. The First servant made 5 more out of them the second earned two more and the third who got one bag made nothing, hid it and returned back what was given to him.

So we see that God give us what we deserve at that time, nothing more nothing less, if we are going through a hard time may be we were not up to the mark and didn’t deserved, the key is not to lose faith. Keep thanking God whatever He has given you and whatever situation you are in because what you have at that moment is sufficient.

Now the question comes that what can we do to deserve the things we ask from God. Psalm 127:2 says …. for He gives to His beloved even in his sleep. Now what can one do to become His beloved? Yes he loves us all no matter what but what do we do to please his will in our daily routine, the best thing we can do is to be thankful all day, even for the little things. We can be thankful for whatever situation we are in and should keep faith that God has better plans for us and you will be surprised to see that whatever you ask Him, He will give you but at its due time.

Start your day with prayer and always thank God. As it is written that the Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom – Proverbs 9:10, you will be surprised to see that there will be a dramatic change in your life, As you will be thanking Him all day and God will be in your mind you will not do or think anything wrong because Gods presence will automatically come in your mind. So being thankful also makes you God fearing and make you closer to your desired things. Therefore, always be thankful to God no matter what situation you are in because He never leaves His beloved.

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