Inferno by Dan Brown

Inferno by Dan Brown

Author – Dan Brown

Genre – Mystery Thriller

If you have read Dan Brown’s Inferno then read this review, If you have not then first read the novel so you don’t spoil the reading experience since the review contains spoilers and if you are a first time reader of Dan Brown I would suggest to first read Angels & Demons and The Da Vinci Code.

I had high expectations with Inferno after the utterly boring last work of Dan Brown The Lost Symbol. Dan Brown it seems has lost his mojo, he tried hard to make a triumphant return of success with twisted plot, crafted language and unexpected twists which he previously enjoyed with Angels and Demons and The Da Vinci Code but fails. The story just becomes too predictable and till the end I was left still waiting for the wow moment.

The plot just takes too long to take some pace, Robert Langdon who we fell in love with since previous novels is such a nicely built character but other characters in Inferno just fail to make an impact. Brown tried to make the story mysterious by utilizing Dantes Inferno like he did with the last supper in Da Vinci code but the story just doesn’t lives up to its expectations. Almost three to four times we are left reading pages and pages of the same how the world will end problem for which all this is being done, I mean come on we got it in the first place stop repeating it, and the climax just left me laughing, the ultimate plague which will cut the population in half was that it will make all people sterile!, I think Dan brown just saw Children of Men (2006) and said hey! Look here is an idea why not write the next novel on it. It would have been more interesting if it was Langdon fighting zombies or stuff in the end and then saving the world from utter destruction, at least it would had been a little entertaining after reading 500 pages.

The reason for me being too harsh on my review is that Dan Brown himself set the bar high in previous novels and I had high expectations from Dan Brown on this one. Angels & Demons is one of my favorite novels, The Da Vinci code was good then came The Lost symbol which was a disappointment and the reason the anticipations of readers like me were so high because we didn’t gave up on Dan Brown. We just said ok it happens maybe he is just suffering from the writers curse, next one will be the it thing but Dan just continued where he left off from Lost Symbol.

In giving points out of 10, ten being the highest.

Angels & Demons – 9/10

The Da Vinci Code – 7/10

Lost Symbol – 3/10

Inferno – 4/10


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